Friday, December 14, 2007

Ham Savings

Growing vegies and fruit in the garden is a great way to stay healthy. All foods are organic and its cheaper on the purse and a great form of exercise.

But at the same time when out shopping in the supermarkets I like to keep my eye out for reduced items, that we can use.

Remember a special isn't a special....unless you need it.

I thought I'd show you my bargain I scored yesterday and how I am using it to its full potential.

Years ago when I was working I invested in a small meat slicer and it has well and truly paid it's way in my kitchen.

This ham is called "Cameo Boneless Ham" and weighed 1.058 kilo, selling for the weight price of $14.85 a kilo.

Price was $15.75 and reduced to $6.00.

So at a rough guess it's just under $5.95 a kilo and the used by date was the 24th December 07.

So with a saving of $9.75 I was able to turn this Cameo into 30 slices of ham. Having the electric slicer I was able to slice the ham at a thickness we like and not the shaved ham we usually tend to buy.

The ham was layered in a Tupperware freezer container and now labeled and in the freezer to be eaten at our leisure.

Hope this gives food for though on saving $$$$ in your kitchen. mrgreen

Until Next time....hoo roo

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