Saturday, January 16, 2010


Love beetroot, as a hot vegie or on my plate as a salad.

Been thinking about trying my hand at preserving beetroot for a while and I have finally done this.

These lovely volunteers were picked, scrubbed and in the boiling pot before they knew what hit them. Can't get ant fresher than that.

I have used a new recipe from a dear friend, I'll ask her if I can pop the recipe up here. Easy to make and the chooks will love the left over cooked tops, tails and skins of the beets.

Very pleased with the amount I got into these 3 jars. I am also waiting on my friend to get back to me on how long I need to wait before I can start to eat this yummy vegie.

Its a very easy to preserve beetroot and a lot less messy than jam making. lol

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