Saturday, August 26, 2006

Aquarium's Summer Treats

Iceberg lettuce dressing:

This is sweet with a tang to it. Kids also love it.

1/5 cup (normal teacup) of thick cream, add several splashes of white vinegar and about 2-3 teaspoons of sugar.

Stir with a spoon to dissolve the sugar and pour over a bowl of iceberg lettuce leaves...

Maybe stir with tongs to coat the leaves more.

Squashed strawberries desert:

This is great in summer as a very light and refreshing dinner for a hot day (one punnet of strawberries each + fresh bread rolls)
clean strawberries and remove stems/leaves.

Squash directly in soup plate (not soup bowl) with a fork.

If making large quantity squash in a saucepan with spud masher.

Add a tablespoon of thick cream (a tablespoon or two per punnet strawbs) and 2-3 teaspoons sugar and stir to dissolve.

Do not under any circumstances use a motorized jig on the strawbs and do not add ice.

Ice curdles the cream, and whirrlyjigs totally spoil the texture of strawbs.

Anyway, refrigerate for a few minutes if you want it nice and cold.

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