Friday, July 04, 2008

Fishy Tale

Tonight for tea, I had a surprise for Pat. Rainbow trout, grilled with a fresh side salad.

Not all of the salad is from our vegie patch. But the fish is true blue Aussie.

Those fish shops at the market give a great range of Aussie caught fish and good prices. This little fella was $13.99 a kilo and it set me back $5.10.

We have also started to buy marinated whole chickens for roasting from a butcher in the markets. Bigger than the stupidmarket ones they sell and only costing $6.00. This will easily feed 4 people or in our case a hot meal and then a cold meal with salads.

Also pork chops are a better price as well. Plus a bigger size than some of scrawny loin chops that are sold in stupidmarkets.

Start looking outside your stupidmarkets for cheaper meats.....its worth the look round.

Someone asked me ....."Why do you call them stupidmarkets"?

I answered with...."What is so super about them"?????

He laughed and said that made a lot of sense and he liked my reasoning.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Nicole said...

what market do you go to for your chickens & other meats?

Nicole :o)

Lucky-1 said...

Nicole, I go into the city to the Adelaide Central Markets.