Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lucky's Tomato Relish

I'm not for cooking out on a limb and I love to follow a recipe. But finding a relish or an easy Neapolitan Sauce for my crumbed eggplant was not easy to find even using Google.

So with some help from the garden forum I was able to try out a bit of this and a bit of that and see how it came up.

Surprise, surprise I didn't die from food poisoning.

So what did I use to make the sauce. I'm glad you asked:)

Red onion diced
Garlic minced
Tomatoes diced
Zucchini sliced
Capsicum diced
Olive Oil
Fresh basil leaves
Dried oregano leaves
dried chilli (1 was more than enough)
Bit of water to give it some moisture

I just gently cooked the onion & garlic in the oil and then added the rest and cooked it until it was just how I wanted it for the top of my eggplant.

Eggplant was sliced and salted for 30 mins while I did the sauce. The washed the salt off and coated the slices in flour, egg and then dry breadcrumbs.

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