Thursday, September 16, 2010

Duck Eggs

Ducks are laying 4 to 5 eggs each day and I have been either selling them or cooking with the eggs.

These eggs are fantastic for cakes. I love cooking cakes with their eggs. I'd rather cook cakes with duck eggs all year round if they laid them all year round.

Sponge cakes are amazing and I never have a failed cake using them.

This sponge cake was taken on Monday to our sewing group. One of the ladies has a wedding this weekend when her son is married. As the wedding is in Perth, we had a cake to celebrate back here in Adelaide.

Dundee cake takes 5 eggs and what a great cake this is. Very yummy and full of dried fruits.

More and more people are returning to keeping poultry of some kind in the backyard. I've not bought eggs for 11 years now and I can't see this changing down the track.

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