Wednesday, October 29, 2008


While out shopping today Pat & I came across these strawberries at our local green grocer. Roughly the weight came to 1 kilo, costing $2.50.

I don't want to guts into them, so none are wasted. How do I save the best ones for later on early next week?

After washing them and patting dry with some paper towel (which is then composted) I put the fruit that wasn't bruised or soft into the "food saver" canister.

By removing the air in the canister and refrigerated, these strawberries will keep in this condition for a week.

To open the canister I just have to press the little gray button and once the air stops hissing out, I can open it.

Nothing worse than spending money and food wasting through poor storage. Or too much and not doing something with it.

I want to buy more of these canisters as I can store spinach or lettuce as well, without damaging the food.

Off now to have a feed on strawberries and cream mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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