Saturday, June 24, 2006

Prinbo WA's Vegie Bake.

Prinbo’s Vegie Bake ‘Stench’

(Stench was the name given to this by number 2 son and it apparently means great, awesome etc)

This is really simple and great for bbq’s



sweet potato

packet of cream chicken or cheese and leek or french onion soup

large tub of thickened cream

The quantity of the vegies required depends on how big your baking dish is. (I use my lasagne dish)

Then all you need to do is just alternate layers of vegies in the baking dish, place packet soup in mixing bowl or glass jug, add cream and mix until all the cream and soup is combined, pour over the vegies making sure they are completely covered, cover with aluminium foil.

Place in oven at about 160c and cook until all vegies are cooked through, which takes approximately 1½ hours, however cooking time does depend on the depth of the dish and amount of vegies used. Take out of oven and remove the foil, sprinkle with grated cheese, replace foil and put back in oven with it turned off and let stand for about 10 minutes or so to allow cream sauce to thicken up.

* Hint: If you find the cream sauce is bubbling too much just reduce the temperature to about 150c. Also be careful removing foil as you can get a bit of a steam burn if you are not careful.

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